Can CBD Capsules Help With Weight Loss

Can CBD Capsules Help With Weight Loss?

CDB (Cannabidiol) is one of the most prevalent compounds found in cannabis. It makes up 40% of the plant extract and is only bested by tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) in percentage composition.

This natural compound is currently taking the health world by the storm and its popularity is on the rise. CBD is available in sprays, gums, topical creams, capsules, oils, and other forms. One reason this compound is on the demand is that it provides you with all the benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects (the “high”). These benefits extend to a reduction in anxiety, improvement of heart and brain health, pain relief, depression suppression, and muscle spasticity. However, several studies (which we will later share) now show that CDB can affect weight loss.

This article exploresthe “little-talked-about” effects of CDB capsules on weight loss. So, at the end of this post, you should know whether CDB capsules can really aid weight loss, how it does that, and the considerations you need to take note of before using CBD capsules for weight loss.

Does CBD Support Weight Loss?

Simple answer: Yes! More studies indicate that CBD can foster weight loss than there are against it. However, there is a little twist. CBD isn’t a standalone medication for obesity and its operation in weight loss is quite unique.

How Does CBD Capsules Help With Weight Loss?

  • Appetite Suppression: It is that simple, you only add weight when you eat more. So, a reduction in appetite will undoubtedly cause weight loss.  According to research on the role of CBD on obesity, CBD influences molecules to deactivate CB1 receptors in the body. CB1 receptors cause an increase in appetite and the risk of obesity.

You may find the above a little confusing if you’re a little conversant with marijuana and how smoking or vaping it can stimulate the appetite. Well, you are correct but it is only true for tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), not for CBD.

A study investigates the effect of CBD in body weight gain in rats and its involvement with CB2 receptors. In this analysis,two groups of rats were injected daily with CBD at either 2.5 or 5mg per kg of body weight. The results indicate that although both groups showed a reduction in body weight, the group with higher doses had more weight loss.

  • Conversion of White Fat Cells to Brown Fat Cells: White fat or white adipose tissue (WAT)describes the common fat that stores energy in large fat droplets and accumulates around the human body. They also cushion and insulate human organs. Generally, an excess of these cells isbad for human health. They increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, metabolic diseases, and other chronic conditions.

Whereas, brown fat cells describes those cells that generate heat by burning down calories.

White fat cells aren’t entirely static. Research indicates that they can be converted into brown fat cells by exposure to cold temperatures and exercise. So, converting white fat cells into brown fat cells (browning) purports that those excess, unhealthy fats can be used to burn calories in the body. Thus, causing a weight loss.

A meta-analysis indicates that CBD enhanced the expression of a core set of brown fat-specific maker genes and protein and in turn, contributed to the browning of white fat cells. The findings of this analysis also state that CDB promotes lipid metabolism. Hence, it may be said that CBD is a potentially promising therapeutic agent for the decreasein the risk of obesity.

  • Fat Burning: This claim hinges upon the browning ability of CBD. Think of it like this, brown fat cells are an active form of fat that generates heat for burning calories. So, if more white cells in your body are converted to brown fats, there would be more burning of calories and, in turn, weight loss.
  • Less Risk of Metabolic Disorders: Metabolic disorder occurs when the standard metabolism of the human body fails.Hence, causing a deficiency or excesses of the essential substances needed to stay healthy. These disorders include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Gaucher’s disease, and type 2 diabetes. Metabolic disorders lead to so many health risks and chiefly among them- obesity.

Yet, one major cause of metabolic disorders (asides from the hereditary ones) is excess activation of CB receptors in the fat tissues around the body. Yet, research shows that CBD, although does not directly deactivate CB receptors, can influence molecules to inhibit this receptor. Thus, reducing the risk of metabolic disorders and obesity.

Things to Know Before Using CBD for Weight Loss

CBD capsules is not a treatment for obesity or a prescription for weight loss. They act like every other weight loss supplement – be it keto pills, coffee, or more. So, you can’t use them standalone without regular exercise and a healthy diet and expect to lose weight.

CBD could promote weight gain in some people. Sounds like a direct contradiction to the whole article, right? Well, it’s not: our bodies are different. While CGB may reduce appetite in some people, studies indicate that it can either reduce or increase human appetite. So, if you find out you’re eating more after taking CBD capsules, you should discontinue it if you want to lose weight.

There is no precise CBD dose for weight loss. This is because the human body is not the same. Weight and cannabis tolerance significantly affect what dose is right for you. However, heavier persons or persons who have high cannabis tolerance from frequent use would need a higher dose. On the other hand, cannabis sensitive people need small doses. 

Final Words

We really want to tell you that by taking CBD capsules, you will lose weight but that wouldn’t be completely true. CBD capsules, like every other, weight loss drug or supplement only foster weight loss when combined with exercise and healthy eating.

Moreover, the human body is different. While CBD reduces appetite and in turn causes weight loss in some people, it can also trigger hunger hormones in others. So, yes, CBD capsules can help with weight loss but you can only be sure when you try it and it works for you.

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