Will CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?

Will CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?

CBD gummies are gelatin-based candies that contain cannabidiol. Not only are they safe for consumption but are also quite convenient to consume. They continue to gain popularity for their taste, benefits, and availability. Not only CBD users but also non-users are buying them. That being said, the FDA has not approved them as yet, which means you will have to do your research for choosing a brand that you can trust.

CBD gummies help with chronic pain, inflammation, and also depression and anxiety. Even though CBD has a complicated legal status, many people refer to CBD products as an alternative for medicines. This article specifically aims to address whether gummies can help someone struggling with anxiety on an everyday basis.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are tasty treats that taste just like regular gummies. They contain CBD that is often extracted from hemp or cannabis plants. They’re a convenient way for ingesting CBD without the hassle of finding a mixer to infuse the CBD in. That being said, since the bitter taste of CBD has to be concealed, it contains a lot of flavors (sometimes natural, sometimes artificial, depending on the brand you choose). Therefore, people with diabetes should take caution.

The CBD present inside these gummies helps the nervous system in many ways and produces a calming effect for many. There are usually three types of CBD gummies, full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum ones consist of all derivatives that are present in the cannabis, including the THC compound, which is responsible for creating the lightheadedness. CBD isolate contains pure cannabidiol and no additional compounds. Lastly, broad-spectrum one contains all other derivates of the cannabis plant apart from THC.


CBD gummies generally consist of the following ingredients:

  • Pectin (helps give the gummies their jelly-like texture)
  • Sweeteners (syrups and cane sugar)
  • Oils (often sunflower oil)
  • Flavoring (Natural fruit extracts and other flavors)

CBD Gummies For Anxiety

Even though there exists minimal research on the effectiveness of CBD gummies for anxiety, there have been some tests run of animals that do show a promising link. A study done on 32 animals showed that CBD has positive effects on anxiety and stress. There is a common misconception that the gummies make you high, but that is only true for those that use a hemp-based plant instead of cannabis. So, those that avoid CBD products for fear of getting high should be able to make that distinction before purchasing the gummies.

The reason why a lot of people recommend CBD gummies for anxiety is that it is a smoke-less version of CBD that helps reduce anxious thoughts. It is an alternative for anti-anxiety medication by inducing calm and relaxing thoughts. Instead of suffering from the side effects of medicines, it can do the same job for people who suffer from anxiety disorders. When you chew the gummy it helps divert your attention from anxious thoughts to the chewing, which is why some people think the the gummies are just placebos.

Moreover, people who worry that others will judge them for using CBD can easily get away with eating the CBD gummies in any environment as they taste and look like any other gummies. Thus, the additional anxiety you get from other CBD products is no longer there. Also, it does not irritate your lungs like in the case of smoking or vaping.


The good thing about gummies is that you can control the dosage. You do not have to eat the entire gummy if you want a lower dosage, you can simply cut in half instead.  A study showed that a 25 mg dosage of CBD was helpful for 66.7% of people that had anxiety and sleeping problems. Generally, the dosage on the labels says 1 gummy per day. A good thing about CBD products is that they are non-addictive which means you will not be yearning for higher doses with time.

Generally, the gummies come in different strengths

  • Light – 15 mg per gummy. This dose is suitable for beginners
  • Elevated – 25 mg per gummy. Has a relatively stronger strength than the light one.
  • Ultra – 45 mg per gummy. Usually for people who have used CBD before and can handle strong doses.
  • High Potency– 90 mg per gummy. This is usually the highest dose available in the market.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

This is not a straightforward question to answer considering the link of CBD to marijuana. It usually depends on whether the gummies come from hemp or a marijuana plant. Generally, CBD is legal at a federal level. However, the FDA has not approved CBD edibles because they do not support the mixing of food and drugs. Many states, however, do not agree with this, and thus it is now legal in many states.


Using CBD for anxiety will not only induce a sense of calm but will also improve the sleep cycle. It is also recommended for people who suffer from insomnia caused by anxiety. However, because of its confusing legal status, you should choose the gummies that use cannabis and not marijuana plants in its manufacturing. Especially if you do not want a high feeling. Those who suffer from anxiety will get the desired effect from a CBD gummy made of non-THC additions. Thus it is important to read the label for that.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that CBD gummies are not good for you if you are diabetic because of its high sugar content. It is also a good idea to ask your psychiatrist or therapist about using these to help with your anxiety. As they have better knowledge about what works for you.

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