Will CBD Gummies Help With Pain?

Will CBD Gummies Help With Pain?

Amongst many CBD products, CBD gummies are becoming readily available in stores and online nowadays. CBD gummies are edibles made of cannabidiol, a compound that is extracted from marijuana and hemp plants. CBD products such as gummies are gaining popularity in this day and age not only for their recreational purposes but also for other health benefits.

There has been ongoing research about whether the gummies have pain-relieving properties. They are a convenient form of consuming CBD because of their similarity to regular gummies in terms of taste and shape. This article will explore if they are a good option for relieving physical pain.

What Are They?

CBD gummies are edible candy-like jellies of gelatin that you can take without any additional mediums or mixers. They taste and look very similar to vitamin gummies, but provide CBD to the body which helps relieve pain, inflammation, and also anxiety. They also contain pectin which helps give the gummies with the texture. Pectin is a natural ingredient that is present in fruits that helps give the gummies the jelly-like texture. Apart from that, they contain sweeteners, flavors, and oils.

However, many people believe CBD oil and not gummies have pain-relieving properties. There is very little research about the gummies, although users do believe that it has a placebo effect that fools the brain into thinking that the gummies are useful for decreasing their pain.

Types of CBD Gummies

There are 3 different variations that are available:

1.      Full Spectrum

This type of gummies contains all the compounds that are found in the cannabis plant, including the presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for creating the light-headedness that is often found in marijuana. This type is known to be more beneficial for health as opposed to the pure form of CBD.

2.      CBD Isolate

This version of gummies is made from pure cannabidiol, without any traces of other compounds found in the cannabis plant. Many opt for gummies made of CBD isolate as it contains only CBD and no other compounds.

3.      Broad Spectrum

This type is similar to the full spectrum one containing all compounds found in the cannabis plant except for THC.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

For now, the FDA has not approved CBD products available in stores (non-prescription ones), which means that you need to do your research for the effectiveness of CBD gummies. That being said, Hemp-based CBD products with a dosage of less than 0.3% THC are illegal in some states. Whereas the cannabis-based CBD products are legal in most states. You will have to check the local legislation for the legality of the gummies available in your state. We also recommend that you should opt for the gummies that have certified proof of testing so they contain the same ingredients as listed on their label.

CBD Gummies For Pain

Illnesses and chronic diseases are quite painful. That is why patients suffering from those get the prescription of NSAIDs and other medicines that have many side effects that might be detrimental to health. Apart from that, they are also addictive especially in the case of opiates like fentanyl or oxycodone. Therefore, many people look for more natural, organic, or herbal alternatives to relive their pain and CBD products such as oil or gummies, which are now becoming a common choice for many.

CBD gummies are a convenient, non-addictive option that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. It results in a positive change by activating chemical receptors that lead to anti-inflammatory and pain-free effects. A study also showed that the body did not build a tolerance for CBD over time, which is why there was no need to even increase the dose of the gummies.


When it comes to the dosage Рit is quite reliable. You do not have to measure or mix CBD with other substances. The gummies are a lot like supplements. You can even have half of a gummy if you do not want the full dose to relieve your pain.  Moreover, you do not have to worry about people judging you for consuming CBD. Considering that it looks and feels just like any other gummy candies. This way your dose remains consistent and the effects of relieving the pain are effective. Generally, the recommended dose is 5 mg. It is advisable to see your symptoms individually to gauge whether you need to increase this amount or not.

People not just use CBD gummies for acute or chronic illnesses but also use them for anxiety or depression. They can produce a calm effect on users. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor or healthcare physician before taking them for any of the above purposes.

Do they make you high?

They contain less than 0.3% THC if the CBD is extracted from a hemp plant. Which is also extremely low to be producing a high effect. Thus, the gummies do not make you drowsy as marijuana does. This is why it is being sought-after by people who want pain relief. CBD itself does not create psychoactive responses and so people take it for insomnia, anxiety, and pain.


When buying CBD gummies to relieve pain, it is crucial to look out for the amount of THC it contains (should ideally have none) and whether the gummies have been lab-tested or not. They do not have FDA approval to be able to say that they for sure help relieve pain. Still, many people now use them even if it is just a placebo effect. To expect that they will for sure relieve your pain will be an overstatement. This is why you should try them for yourself and see whether they work for you or not. It is also advisable to consult a professional depending on the kind of pain that you are suffering from.

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