CBD And Driving: Is It Safe And Legal? (UK)

The use of CBD is greatly thriving around the developed countries of the world. There are several benefits to it, and over the years, the medical uses have extended from humans to animals. The cannabis plant is, in itself, an intoxicating product. Still, the CBD, which is consumed, in tablets, oil, or smoke form, is free from the intoxicating effect found in regular marijuana.

Since this is so, and since there are very few side effects to taking the drug in the right dosage as prescribed by your doctor if this is so, could it be okay to take the drug and engage in other activities. Particularly is it a safe choice to take the drug before taking to the steering wheel? The answer is slightly controversial, but recently, there is a single voice being heard around the world.

Is It Legal To Drive With CBD?

Driving is all about your ability to concentrate on the road and control the speed and progress of your car. There are several other rules that encompass the concept of safe driving, and they generally expect that you are in a state to control your car while being able to watch the road and other motorists and non-motorists.

Now is CBD a legal drug? The answer is yes. Is CBD Okay to take before driving? That is where the controversy comes. First, remember that the effects that make people high are absent in the drug, which is now medically consumed; this means that you are mentally okay when you take the right dosage of it.  As much as this is true, there are some issues that have been stated as to why the drug can be or cannot be taken before driving.

Of course, because the drug is largely unexplored and a lot is still yet to be concluded by world authorities, there are points where CBD and driving can be illegal.

Take the UK; for instance, it is not illegal to drive after consuming it.

In the USA, however, it is not a crime to consume the drug before driving as long as you have not accidents.

Can CBD Be Taken Before Driving?

Some scientists have come out to say that the drug can be consumed before driving. They claim that the CBD drug does not cause the high or intoxicating feeling caused by the THC content found in the plant. It is argued that since the drug cannot cause you to lose a sense of reality and concentration, it should not be an issue.

This is logical, seeing that the only ban placed combining different activities with driving is when the additional activity is prone to loss of concentration and control. This includes texting and driving and drinking and driving. Since the drug only alters your mood and not your concentration, it seems fair to consume it before taking the wheel if it’s necessary.

Side Effects And Driving

The argument against the intake of the drug before driving comes from the known side effects, which can happen when you consume it. Several people experience headaches, drowsiness, and other mental issues that cause stress and a slight change in concentration. But this is mostly because someone has taken a large dosage and or was in intense pain.

In the situation of intense pain, the body is practically trying to soothe itself, which could lead to some form of relaxation, which could be confusing. In this case, the argument is valid and very possibly reasonable. It could be a dangerous choice to drive if you experience any side effects after consuming the drug.

How To Take CBD In Case You Have To Drive?

Now that we have seen the for and against argument that is played out every day concerning driving and taking CBD, you can now choose for yourself, noting which choice seems reasonable to you. Some tips that should play a role in your decision making when it comes to CBD driving include

Effect: Prior to going on the road, you must have tried and experienced the effects that the drug has on you. If you experience no side effects, you are more likely to have a smooth driving experience with the drug.

Tolerance: Note your tolerance level if you do experience some side effects. If they are mild and reoccurs once in a while, then maybe you can use it. If they are intense and can be hard to manage, it is wise to abstain from it before and while driving.

Dosage: Most medically prescribed dosage should have no major effect on you. But just in case you have to take the drug and drive, then it is recommended that you reduce your dosage for the period. This way, whatever it is that you are consuming will be ineffective in causing any side effects.

Laws: Obviously, if the laws of your location, states that it is illegal, then there is nothing you can and should do but to accept and follow the law. However, if there are no laws or the laws approve it, then you can weigh your situation before deciding.

Distance: Shorter travel distance can be easier to tolerate or manage the effects of any of the drugs. If you drive long distances, on freeways, it is best you skip out on taking the drug. But if your journey includes streets and short distances, then you can take it.

Need: Depending on how necessary consumption is to your health, it might be wise to keep a regular stash of the drug in your car. Of course, it is a wise option not to drive, but rest if you suffer from intense pain, which the drug is a solution to. 


The use of CBD is yet to have a concrete answer to many questions, but as the years go by and as more research is being conducted, we are certain to see more details of what can be done and what can’t be done while using the drug.

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