How Long Does CBD Actually Stay in Your Body?

CBD is a popular recommendation by doctors majorly for people who experience chronic pains and stress-related anxiety. It has proven to work better if ingested, and has proven so countless number of times; people who have ingested it have testified that the drug works well in relieving them of stress, anxiety, and even helps them sleep better.

This product works well and has no adverse effects if taken according to the doctor’s prescription. Most people who have this drug recommended to them, take it to calm their nerves and aiding their body in relieving all forms of pain, but people tend to abuse this drug, at most times.

You might not know this, but taking this drug every day is a potential misuse of the drug, and by doing so, you tend to experience drowsiness and weakness. That’s one, and the only downside to consuming the product, but the surprising fact is that it won’t stay long in your system, depending on your body’s metabolism.

Now, for people who regularly ingest the product and those who follow the doctor’s prescription, the number of days that it stays in your system is a minimum of 2 days, but either way does not exceed five days.

Studies have proven that the drug may last between two to five days in your body’s system, but there is no real estimate of exactly how long this drug stays in your body system, so for you to understand, let’s take a ride into the CBD experience.

How It Works

The kind of CBD you take plays a vital role in how long it takes to start working and how long it will remain in your system. Oil and tablets tend to take effect immediately. Once ingested, you might say it’s too fast for you even to recall what happened. But the chewable, or edible kind takes a little longer to take effect.

When you ingest this product, the effects do not kick in until 15 minutes later, and that is due to its action of passing through the whole body’s system. It tends to make sure that every section of your body obtains its effect.

The relaxation you’d feel is like having a nice warm bath, while lying in a bathtub, or you just completing meditation or yoga. It makes you feel calm, relaxed, and focused on your tasks.

Essentially, this drug does not make you get high or intoxicated, that’ll be THC, CBD makes you a calmer and more relaxed version of yourself.

This feature has helped a lot of people gain balance and focus in life, making this drug recommendable by doctors worldwide.

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Wear Off?

I guess you’ve been able to get a grasp of this drug’s effects upon consumed, even if you haven’t taken it before. The amount of time this drug will spend in your system depends on what kind of CBD you consume, and its delivery.

Some factors control the effect of CBD in your system. These effects are derived from countless studies and observations by experienced doctors and medical practitioners. So! Below is a comprehensive list of some factors controlling the duration of CBD’s effect in your system.

  • The first and most important factor determining the duration of CBD in your body is the number of times you take it. Consuming this drug daily, as I said, could be harmful to you, and this is due to the increase in the time at which the drug’s effect would wear off.

Doctors mostly recommend this drug, and when you’re given, be sure to either request for the prescription slip. Consuming this drug daily tends to become misuse, which will have so many adverse effects on your body.

  • Another factor is how much you consume this drug. This factor is essential, and like I said, ensure you follow your doctor’s prescription when CBD is recommended to you. This action will ensure that the effect of the drug wears out when necessary, and doesn’t take long to do so.
  • The presence of food taken alongside this drug is another crucial factor determining how long it takes for it to wear off. What you eat and when you eat matters, as this will determine the effect of this drug on your body system.

Taking this drug alongside food will slow down its digestion, thereby making its effects last longer. Taking it without food will only allow your body to digest it quickly, thereby nullifying its effects.

  • Your body doesn’t reject or accept everything, so the duration of CBD’s effect on your system is also dependent on your body. Your BMI, body’s water content and a host of others are the factors that influence these drug effects on your system.
  • Another factor is the kind of CBD you ingest. Vapes will kick in with its effects almost too quickly but will wear off almost immediately, while oils and pills will take effect quickly and long-lasting. The edible versions tend to take effect later than 15 minutes, but their effects tend to be long-lasting.

Now, you know that this product’s duration is solely dependent on your body and how you take it. Nonetheless, ensure that while taking this drug, you eat regularly, and you also follow your doctor’s prescription. Don’t abuse CBD, as it tends to yield unexpected adverse effects on your body if not taken care of.


CBD is creating huge waves in the medical industry, and as such, is a significant recommendation by doctors to individuals who are experiencing chronic pains. Please note that the overall effect of CBD is dependent on the factors listed above. Also, the duration of its effect cannot be correctly ascertained due to the above factors. Still, an estimated maximum of two to five days and a minimum of 2 to 6 hours have been mentioned as potential durations of the drug’s effects.

Whenever you plan to take this drug, ensure you eat, do not take an overdose, and maintain the specified doses by your doctor. This action will help you enjoy CBD to the maximum.

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