Why Is CBD So Expensive In UK?

Why is CBD oil so costly? To add this product to your toolkit of wellness, it is essential to ask yourself this question. Though there are buyers that are less concerned about the cost of this commodity, the certain thing is that some expenses are incurred in its manufacturing and sales, which all affect the final cost of the product.

If there are times you have ever been to the store or mall to shop for it, this certain question might have surfaced in your thoughts; or you might have been prompted to ask the storekeeper at a particular stage in time Why the oil is so expensive? There are currently certain issues that may have inflated the cost of CBD. Various factors pose an effect on the present retail price of this product, all of which are connected with the plantation of the hemp plant, how it is being processed to get the drug, and how useful the drug is to its consumer market

The Following Factors May Increase The Cost Of CBD: 

Advertisement, Marketing, and Distribution

One of the factors that have influenced the rise in the price of CBD is how its marketing and distribution is being promoted. Its distribution and marketing has been slightly controversial. Although people know of its positive effects, a lot of people are still skeptical about selling or encouraging it. This means that supply is lower than the demand for it. Many stores have yet to include the product on their inventory. And those few that have it as part of their goods, only sell a limited quantity at a time. This is a result of the issues of regulation, misjudgments, or beliefs about one of some of the components that make up the drug. To summarize it all, a huge number among the shopkeepers are of the opinion that the product is more of a liability than an asset.

There are certain online outlets such as Amazon, which have disallowed the sale of this product as well. In Honesty, several people have violated the sell of CBD by selling marijuana and other harmful substances. Nevertheless, that should not have been a reason to eradicate the selling of the drug.There is also a restricted opportunity of trading for the salespeople of CBD. The basic search engines and other social media outlets, including other networks of broadcasting, have placed a very strict restriction on the advertisement of this product. This has resulted in extreme difficulty for its distributors that require a way to get to their target customers. As a result of this restriction, this has spawned its company to look for other extra heavy-duty channels to market it. The result of this is that the CBD is sold at a high cost.

Hemp Challenges

One of the reasons the oil is expensive is that several farmers refuse to take part in the process of planting and harvesting. To answer the question “why is CBD oil so expensive” it is essential to that planting hemp takes a lot of care and delicacy. Also, the planting process is a lot different than the general farming process.The manual task needed for the safe growth of the plant is one that most farmers shy away from. While the plant grows a lot of care and inspection is required. During the harvesting period, Famers are left with no other choice than to do the process manually, due to how delicate the plants are.

For those farmers who also grow other plants alongside the harvesting cost doubles. This is because they will need to first harvest all their cash crops before beginning the task of harvesting the plant. This means an added cost for human resources and a longer time for harvesting.And lastly, after harvesting the hemp, it must pass through the drying process. For this process, farmers are required to have a large opened but sheltered place. The right temperature and tools will be needed to ensure they are well dried. All these processes, workforce and time result in the exorbitant price of the plant.


The process of extracting or pulling out CBD from cannabis has its outcome as an unrefined gel. This gel which is gotten is not what is sold to buyers; instead, the gel is passed through another important stage where it gets refined. This stage is done to ensure it is safe in the right form it should be. Once that has been done and confirmed okay, then the product can be sold to the public.

All of the processes which will be undergone are either time consuming, demand manpower, tools, and skills or they are expensive and demand lots of capital. Whichever the case this means that the producers will find a way to gain the capital and other expenses put into the product as well as gain profit from the entire process. As a result of this, the drug is greater than the average drug sold in the local medical stores.


Only the production of CBD oil may not be satisfactory. Sellers and buyer require to be so sure and confident about what they are buying. The quality also has to be tested and certified as standard. Therefore, producers are charged with taking their products through the various medical and health safety tests and rules. These test will give the product the authentication, which will encourage buyers to purchase the product. The expenses incurred during the laboratory work, and the inspection process also affects the cost of the drug.


There are certain factors which have led to the rise in the price of the oil. The actual price could have been affordable for a good number of people if not for the factors listed here and more. Of course, the issue of demand and supply is possibly the largest reason for the cost placed on the product. And because there is no laid down government rules that control the pricing of the goods, buyers are left at the mercy of the producer, distributors and retailers.  

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