What Strength of CBD Oil Should You Actually Get? Explained

There has been seen a growing influx of CBD use, short for Cannabidiol. From being prescribed by doctors and therapists, it is now seen as healing substance for people of all ages, including infants. Not only this, people have been using it for treating various health related illnesses (arthritis, heart diseases) and other issues (insomnia, anxiety). While scientists have only just begun to look at the extracts of the plant, itself; in markets there are already many products.

CBD oil is one which is in high demand, with its numerous benefits – people all over the world are using the extracts of cannabis and hemp plant, in form of oil, in their day to day lives. Because the markets are run by its consumers, many manufacturers have developed this oil in both scented (mostly lavender and vanilla) and unscented forms.

By far CBD mostly comes in oil bottles, estimating either 15 milliliters (ml), or 0.5 ounces; or 30ml, or 1 ounce. But the companies producing the miracle working oil have prioritized the proportion of hemp oil arrangement (estimated in mL) contrasted with the measure of CBD cannabinoid (estimated in milligrams, or mg). For a 15ml bottle may contain 100mg of CBD, 300mg, 500mg, or more. The higher the mg sum, the more extracted CBD oil will be. Therefore, the ‘mg’ estimation is likewise alluded to as the oil’s quality; i.e., 400mg oil may be called 400-quality oil.

In a bottle, the amount of authentic CBD oil extract determines the strength and the pricing for it. It can be difficult to know what makes oil stronger, weaker, or better for different ailments and applications. And obviously, there is also the added clause of people trying to fraud you with non-authentic CBD oil.

CBD Potency

The wide range of CBD oil companies is intended to guarantee that you will have the option to discover an item with the perfect measure of CBD for you, regardless of whether you’re depending on the normal adjusting properties with an end goal to help your wellbeing, or have just read about it over the internet and want to try and implement it in your daily routine.

Whatever may be the case, it is recommended that the consumer try and test out the oil samples first and see if it goes with their body’s BMI. The biology can be tricky and it is better to see first if something suits with you or not. If it does, which happens in most of the cases, then you can easy assort your proportions of daily consumption of CBD oil.

Absorption Rate

So, what strength of cbd oil is right for me? There are ways in which the body can either digest the CBD oil (given in any form), within seconds or it may take some time for it to circulate to within your body. It all really depends on the differences in each body type. In some cases, it can take up to 60 minutes and that is nothing to worry about. If it takes more than that, only then are you advised to consult a doctor.

1.1 Strengths:

It is not as simple as it seems to measure the amount of CBD oil, which you will intake. People are often found wondering about the quantity they should inject. It is quite simply different for everyone. There are usually three types of strengths found as following:

  1. Regular strength(10mg)
  2. Extra strength (20mg)
  3. Advance strength(40mg)

1.2 Dosage:

Even with dosage it is obviously the same case since everyone is unique in their own ways and each body has a different needs and wants. For starters, it is recommended for everyone to start with 10 milligrams, the lowest possible dose – to see if it works with their body type? If someone gets too much of it your body might not be able to absorb it rightly. Additionally, there are no specific time limit for it. People can take it in their own time and stick to following that time table and things should be fine. If you however, feel the need to increase the dosage, you can ask your doctor and see if it has not side effects towards your body. After the first few administrations, write down and pay close attention to how you feel at different dosage levels and be sure to record that.

1.3 Factors:

How this specific oil affect individual is based on various factors such as weight, body chemistry, the severity of health condition (if any), and off course the concentration of CBD. An average male at around 185 pounds should start with 18 to 30 mgs of this oil. If your condition is extremely severe – having chronic pain you might need 40mgs a day. If you want to treat epilepsy you might need 200 or400 mgs a day. A common size of bottle is 30 ml bottle with a 1ml dropper. Knowing this you can simply divide the total quantity of it in the bottle by 30 to find the milligram of it per dropper. But in all of these above mentioned cases, it is best to consult a doctor.


As it can be seen that CBD is becoming a prominent subject and there’s still a lot about this oil that we don’t know. With the new researches being conducted all the time, there is no doubt about the fact that we will soon have more information on the subject in only a matter of time.  But so far many benefits and other relevant information is already handed to the consumer market. Importantly, when it comes to working out which dosage of it should you use, talking to your doctor is the best possible things and no matter how you choose to take CBD, make sure the concentration listed on the bottle is true and accurate and that you are well aware of your own body time and the quantity that you might be able to handle. There is no concrete way to understanding, which oil strength is best for you, because there are many companies selling it, with different concentration levels. It is best to consult a doctor.

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