1CBD Review: CBD Oil, Capsules, Edibles, Skin Care

1CBD is one of those CBD brands that have gained a good reputation in a very short span. The credit goes to their authentic and organic products that have original quality hemp, with a low THC content. Instead of following the dots, the company comes up with tons of new formulas that make 1CBD products more innovative than the others.

It also helps in catering to a larger audience which brings them worldwide recognition. This is one of the rare times when athletes can use cannabis extract without fearing the dope test.

The 1CBD oils might have healing power to treat problems like anxiety and panic attacks or never-ending muscle pain. If you have been suffering from muscle inflammation, like arthritis for a long time, 1CBD is a better choice than the high potency counter drugs.

They don’t cause any adverse effects, don’t have heavy metals and a very low proportion of drug content. The fear that cannabis medicines may get you high has become outdated. With such names, you can have a hemp plant as a permanent part of your daily supplement.

The brand has never believed in hiding the facts and this does show on their website as well. You may get full fledge laboratory reports about all the products with the tiny details about their composition. The hand-picked cannabidiol when combines with the natural ingredients like sunflower oil, coconut oil, or Vitamin E, you are certain to have the long-sought miraculous results for your skin, hair, body, or overall upkeep. From babies to elder people, 1CBD belongs to all the ages and is a complete family-oriented brand.

They serve you in a diverse range which includes oils, balms, capsules, and much more. Let’s take you through each of them with the elaborated reviews.

Reviews of 1CBD products:

CBD Oils:

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Starting with one of the best 1CBD products, their CBD oils are available in three editions. The lite edition depicts a strength of 5% which is better for the people who are trying cannabidiol for the first time. Let us tell you that lower strength also ensures you don’t get high and keeps the conditions like drowsiness or lethargy at bay.

For the patients who take other medications as well, the lite edition is more preferable. It won’t cause any adverse effect and similarly, won’t interfere with the mechanism of other prescriptions.

On second comes the bronze edition that carries 10% strength. Now you may use this to step up your CBD game or if you just want to cure temporary anxiety attacks or dropping energy levels. Throughout the day, because of the sedentary lifestyle we all come across minor muscle spasm, you may use this one to provide you instant relief.

Since it has a lighter strength, the result may not last for a longer time. It all depends on how much cannabidiol your stamina can withstand per day, still, we’ll recommend you consult your health expert first.

Coming to the silver and gold editions, 20% and 40% respectively, they are slightly stronger on the spectrum. They are better for the consumers who are used to taking cannabis extract and especially when they suffer from conditions like acute anxiety, depression, or muscle spasm. If you are looking for a CBD product that would last for the longest time this one can be a potential choice. One dose may take as much as 45 minutes to perform, while it is capable of lasting in the bloodstream for the whole five days.


These oils play an exceptional role in coping with the physical strain or mental conditions like anxiety, panic, depression, and sudden mood swings.


  • Available in 4 editions
  • Organic hemp
  • No preservatives
  • Immediate action



CBD Edibles:

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This is the most interesting range of the 1CBD brand and it is for all the right reasons. Up till now, we have seen CBD edibles in the form of gummies, chewable tablets, or lozenges. This is the first time a company has come up with such a distinctive innovation. 1CBD Company presents you CBD edibles now available in chocolate, gum drops (a derivative of the market gummies), and fizzy drinks form.

When such a tasty and unique solution is present, you don’t have to go for the other store-bought cannabidiol products that leave an unpleasant taste for a never-ending period.

This company is quite cautious about the amount of cannabis extract. That is the reason you get 10mg CBD in one gum drop which you can take once or twice a day. The same goes for the chocolates, one hundred gram gives you 300mg of cannabidiol, so you have to be careful not to go over the board. Their chocolates having cannabis essence are present in three flavors, inclusive of sugar-free ones. This lets you keep a check on the calorie intake while you enjoy tons of CBD benefits.

Lastly, their fizzy drinks are no less than a treat. You may treat them like a regular energy drink that doesn’t mess with whatever medication you are on. They also carry 10mg cannabidiol in one can so there is no room for the confusion about the dosages.

Their edibles can be a healthy way to bring a positive change in your life without going for the expensive supplements characterizing a bitter taste. They are easy to digest and the simple formula makes them an apt choice even for the people with a sensitive stomach.


The CBD edibles are full of indispensable nutrients that can be the harbinger of the healthiest transformation of your life. They taste great, are easy to digest, and come in several flavors.


  • Large edible range
  • 300mg cannabidiol in chocolates
  • No adverse effect
  • Light on stomach


Overdosage may cause fatal consequences.

CBD Capsules:

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Let us be honest here, CBD oil no matter how much flavors you add won’t taste up to the par and that’s where capsules can be the ultimate savior. 1CBD offers you soft gel capsules that are easy to swallow and the fragile covering release the cannabidiol oil as soon as it reaches the stomach. For the people who don’t like consuming cannabis in the oil form, these capsules can be the perfect alternate. You may take one with water in the morning and see how it impacts your monotonous routine in unexpected ways.

If we talk about the strengths, they are available in 10 and 25mg potencies to cater to the demands of a larger proportion. If you are a layman to all this discussion, we suggest the former one i.e. 10mg can be the most suitable choice. Likewise, for the people whose body recognizes CBD essence because of the long-term usage, you may go for the higher one. It is rare to see such a variety especially in the capsule shape, instead of adapting your tongue to cannabis’ bitter taste, you can have the easier yet equally beneficial option.

This debate is incomplete without mentioning the curcumin soft gel capsules that pair the cannabidiol extract with the curcumin gel. This increases the absorption and bioavailability of the product. We understand that first-timers may not feel comfortable with the conventional and hard to swallow tablets, that’s the addition of curcumin gel makes these capsules more lubricant than ever.

On top of everything, for people who are always conscious about their diet, each capsule has 1.2 calories so the 1CBD brand has got your back! As a dietary supplement, you may take one to four capsules to get a full dose of naturally occurring cannabinoids.


These capsules can be the optimum alternative if you don’t prefer cannabis in the crude oil form. They might help in coping with anxiety, relaxing your muscles, and fighting those sudden mood changes.


  • Curcumin gel
  • 2 calories per tablet
  • No bitter taste
  • 10 and 25mg strengths


These capsules aren’t inclusive of the vegetarians.

CBD Topical:

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1CBD has an exquisite range of topical products that give a new life to your skin. They have low THC content so no matter how much you apply, you won’t feel high anymore. It also gets absorbed in the bloodstream, but since topical lies on the skin’s topmost layer, the absorption may take time.

For people who have more acne-prone skin, this is the peak time to give their products a shot. If you decide to go bare face, their moisturizing body oil spray that has 300mg of botanical extract can make your skin look more appealing.

On the other hand, for makeup lovers, just before putting on the foundation layer, spray your face with their topical oil and let it absorb into your skin. This fills all the pores and your foundation sits on the skin evenly. This is also helpful for the people who have dry skin and are fed up with the dry patches that appear post the skincare routine.

The soothing ingredients like olive oil and vitamin e ensure there’s no redness or itchiness under the makeup layers. Similarly, after the long day, massage your face with the CBD topical spray, the strong consistency makes it a good makeup remover as well.

Healing power:

There’s much more to this wondrous spray. Athletes who are more vulnerable to injuries or joint pain can’t take medication because of the dope test. In such a scenario, this spray is no less than a godsend. All you have to do is just to spray it in the affected area, give it a massage and leave it for half an hour.

The hemp essence present inside heals the muscles while the components like sunflower and coconut oil go for a natural cure. This 1CBD topical is a must-have for the people who like playing sports and don’t want to let minor injuries affect their career.


The topical rejuvenates and refreshes the dead skin, brings back the lost glow. The healing power of cannabidiol makes it essential for the athletes as well.


  • Absorbs quickly
  • Works as a moisturizer
  • No side effects
  • Doesn’t affect the dope test



CBD Balms:

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Balms are mandatory for every household especially during the winter season, but for the people with dry skin, they enjoy the same importance throughout the year. 1CBD balms have beeswax and coconut oil and organic hemp essence. The best thing about them is that they don’t add THC at all which can be the reason to get you high. It belongs to the full spectrum category so you don’t have to consider it as a drug derivative. Moreover, the strengths are also available in 300, 500, and 1000mg jars.

Let’s talk about the packaging, their skincare products have a concise body so you can take them wherever you go. The consistency varies from light to thick, people with combination skin can go for the 300mg balm, while 1000mg is for extremely dry skin that wants a heavy-duty lubricant. You can use them as a moisturizer, hand cream, or even for the chapped lips.

In winters, they serve as a coating for the lips and keep them hydrated, so that now you don’t have to think twice before going for the matte lip products. Likewise, all the products inside are organic and free of preservatives, they do help in removing the tan and producing an unprecedented glow.

For the authenticity of the product, you can check 1CBD’s official website that depicts all the components along with their respective proportions. This comes handy when you don’t know which product would suit your skin type, a thorough analysis of the product can sort it out for you.

The 1CBD balms are free of all the heavy metals and pesticides that you normally find in the store-bought products. This is the reason that no matter it’s a cut, an injury, muscle spasm, or zits we are talking about, this balm is worth your investment.


1CBD balms are good for the skin, to treat muscle strain or to soothe rashes or irritation. It is a family product that everyone can use irrespective of gender or age factor.


  • Best for the whole family
  • Organic ingredients
  • Unmatchable hydration
  • Highly versatile


Not recommended for people with oily skin.

CBD Soft Drinks:

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1CBD has been the pioneer of putting forward cannabidiol in the shape of fizzy drinks. What we mentioned above about this range is just a drop in the basket, they are more than that. It is because, firstly, you can serve them as a regular drink. There’s no age limit since each can already has a very moderate amount of cannabis. They have kept the sugar content so low that even people on diet can opt for it. The effervescent consistency with a tangy taste makes the cannabinoids more distinctive than ever before.

Coming to the flavors, they come in ginger, strawberry, and rhubarb. The packaging is spill-resistant, you can take them wherever you go to take your dose when you feel down. This approach to adding essences is commendable since when the cannabis cures the illness, the fruity essence helps in improving the mood.

Similarly, people who don’t like taking cannabidiol in oil or capsule form can go with the fizzy drink. It contains only 1.2 calories so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your crash diet.

These drinks are a great way to promote cognitive function, bourgeoning hydration, and keeping a check on your draining energy. Each flavor is full-spectrum and consists of 10mg cannabidiol. They are light on the stomach, cause no reaction, and ensure that you fight the procrastination throughout the day. If you are on some sort of medication, you can also go for it just like you’d with a regular drink. The carbonated taste with each sip rejuvenates your muscles and refreshes them as well for the new day.


These drinks are an excellent source of cannabis extract to get an instant energy boost. They help in relaxing the muscles and bringing down the anxiety level.


  • Carbonated drinks
  • Low calories
  • No preservatives
  • Three flavors



How To Buy The Best 1CBD Products?

1) Medical history:

Before purchasing any marijuana derivative product, we’d suggest that you skim through your medical history first. These products have some ingredients that may trigger allergens and cause allergic reactions. It doesn’t mean that then you won’t be able to use such products at all, you would just have to use a 300mg strength instead of the 500mg one. The best thing is to discuss it all with your health expert to get yourself a recognized cannabis supplement.

2) Lab evidence:

Lab evidence says a lot about a company’s authenticity. Since cannabis made it to the market, there have been tons of manufacturers who claim to produce the best cannabidiol items. The lab evidence provides the easiest access to satisfy all your queries.

You can find out if they use any sort of chemical preservative or heavy metal during the composition. This would save both your money and time. Not only from the monetary perspective but also for the understanding of the proportion and function of each ingredient, it is recommendable.

Lab evidence can be a major help for the beginners who have no notion where to start with. They can dive into the sea of cannabis to learn all the facts from scratch.

3) Product analysis:

Product analysis is the one aspect that can save you from going for the wrong products all the time. The company provides you with a long description of each product. This deals with what they include, the percentages, and the precautionary measures as well. There are a few companies who go for this step since it requires both time and continuous experimentation as well. On top of everything, product analysis can let you choose only those products that would go with your skin type for precise functioning.


This brings us to the end of our discussion, 1CBD may be new to the cannabis world but the company has successfully kept its standard higher than the others. Their products lack preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals which are quite common in the other market ones.

The fact that their smallest item has a while 10mg cannabis depicts how eager they are to cater to all sorts of consumers irrespective of their budget. No matter how cheap is the product, you won’t find a bit of difference in the quality or in the packaging itself.

1CBD brand’s oils keep your anxiety and depression at bay. They can be a reliable source to get back your skin’s lost glow and refresh the tired muscles. You don’t like oil? No worries, they have soft gel capsules that replace the need for consuming the cannabis oil. One pill a day keeps you healthy and maintains your energy.

These pills work great to do away with the skin irritation or any other skin related issue that messes up with your confidence. For the people looking for something that offers both taste and health, their fizzy drinks can be your new favorite product.

Let it be muscle condition, anxiety, panic attacks, or skin problems, 1CBD hasn’t left a single issue unaddressed. To depict its versatility, they have brought their balm range that has become a household essential overnight. In winters, you may use them to moisturize your body, apply them on your lips, or use it as a pre-makeup product. Hydrating dry skin has always been a hard task, but the company has made sure to perform it to the par. All these products have impressive longevity and stay fresh for a longer time to direct your life towards a better and healthier track.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Does 1CBD have organic hemp?

Yes, the company always prefer hand-picked hemp for all the products to keep the authenticity intact.

2) Do these products cause allergy?

This depends on the consumer’s medical history, we recommend you to check the lab evidence present on the company’s site for a better understanding.

3) Do 1CBD fizzy drinks cause weight gain?

No, they consist of 1.2 calories per can so you can freely set on your diet’s journey.

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