CBD Life UK Review: Oils, Capsules, Edibles And Much More

CBD Life products have become an indispensable part of many lives around the world. Today we are going to crack our way to know the secret behind this skyrocketing fame of the brand. Primarily, it is for the reason that they use cannabidiol oil in a majority of their products that include oils, capsules, dabs, and much more. The specialty of this oil is that it comes from a marijuana plant. Now this means that it should have the properties of a drug that may cause hallucinations, dizziness, or light-headedness, and that’s where they prove us wrong. 

The signature feature of CBD Life is that they decrease the proportion of THC that is the most active ingredient of marijuana derivatives. This leads to a decrease in the adverse effects and bourgeons the healing properties of the cannabidiol oil. That’s why their products have numerous uses, they are effective in treating muscle problems like back pain, strained muscles, or the tensed ones after a long day. Similarly, for the people fighting with nutritional deficiency, their edibles like gummies can be the tastiest solution to cope with it.

Furthermore, skin related problems like dryness, acne, rash, or irritation, the CBD oils, and topical creams work wonders. One major benefit of using their products is that they have marijuana traces in minor amounts which quickly gets mixed with the bloodstream. This is a blessing for the athletes who come across injuries but can’t take pain killers for the fear of coming out positive on a drug test. Above all, if you are taking other medicines as well, these supplements won’t cause any reaction since they are quite non-reactive.

CBD Life Products

There’s much more to it, we have sorted out all the significant characteristics of various CBD Life products like their capsules, vapes, and topical moisturizers, etc. Without further ado, let’s get started.

CBD Oils

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CBD oils were the first product put forward by the CBD Life. They have miraculous power over treating skin problems, underlying ailments, or the tired muscles. People who can’t do without workouts can cope with the post-workout inflammation with these oils. If you have been suffering from insomnia, and nothing worked, we suggest that you go for the CBD oils. All you have to do is just to massage your head with the oil and let it seep through the roots. Such oils work directly at the tensed muscles relieving anxiety and other sleep disorders.

The company uses tons of carrier oils to multiply the benefit. It may include essences like lemon, orange, chocolate, or coconut oil so that the dosages don’t cross the toxic limit. This oil comes in many different dozes so that people can get their hands on the right one since cannabidiol if passes a certain amount can do more harm than good. No matter which oil you go for, each one of them has to pass through the third-party lab. You may also find tons of certificates on the company’s official site to satisfy all the concerns one may come across.

Addressing the skin issues like rashes, irritation, or dry patches, you may find the right oil to minimize the tablet intake. The best thing about them is that they don’t mess with your other medication, and won’t cause any adverse results. The company claims to add no heavy metals, additives, or toxic chemicals that can trigger reactions in the sensitive skin. To cater to the vegetarian population, the brand also has a large variety of vegan and gluten-free oils that are just as efficient, depicting the originally grown hemp.


The oils are good to do away with the skin related problems, muscle spasm, or the work-out pain which mess with your daily life.


  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Quick results
  • Original quality hemp
  • Tons of carrier oils inside



CBD Capsules

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These capsules are one of the most highlighted products of the company. The theory behind these capsules is that they depict the same healing oils that were the reason for CBD Life’s fame at a time, in which cannabidiol is the ultimate ingredient. The major difference is that the capsules work faster, are present in daily dosage form, and are tasteless. Just bringing this small change in your life can be the harbinger of greater positive effects.

As cannabidiol comes from the plant Marijuana itself, a person can’t intake such a thing and not get high. This is where the company has stepped forward and canceled out all the drug effects of the plant, leaving behind only the healing aspect. This only becomes possible when the capsules lack the THC, the most active ingredient of Marijuana, and that’s why the CBD Life products are the premium choice. The tablets themselves are the crux of the ancient CBD oils’ formula.

Diabetes, for example, causes inflammation of the pancreas. To treat this, the capsules help in soothing the inflammation, which is effective in getting a good grip on the ever-increasing blood glucose level. This is how these capsules also go for the skin inflammation, like acne, and can be of great aid. They have a wide range of capsules to choose from, starting from the common regular supplements to the drugs for serious illnesses.


The consumers around the world use the capsules for a variety of reasons, it may be to treat insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks. They also work well for people suffering from skin disorders and hair issues. Above all, the cannabidiol capsules also have shown positive results in treating Parkinson’s disease.


  • Good for skin, hair, and other ailments
  • Work faster
  • No hallucination
  • Apt for the regular use


The CBD capsules may interact with the other medicines.

CBD Vapes

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CBD Life has been manufacturing vape juices for years but this is the first time that they are finally launching the flavored vapes. It includes flavors like mango, orange, or typical cannabidiol flavor for the keen smokers out there. Their vapes consist of less than 0% THC which means no matter how high dosage you use, you won’t get high. Yes, increasing the dosage may lead to a slightly bitter aftertaste, which is kind of natural for the vape juices. The best thing is that irrespective of the amount of dosage, the taste remains concrete and unchanged.

The latest range that they have introduced in the vape market is Naked 100 but it includes nothing more than fresh fruit juices. The lab reports are also available on their website and you have the freedom to go with either 600 or 1200 mg doses. Most of the CBD vapes have a unicorn-like opening with glass bottles. The packaging also shows the nicotine strengths you can use it with for an enchanting vaping experience. Within the same range, you also get to try out several different e-juices like lava or berry, etc.

As for the lava vaping flavor, it is a mixture of strawberry and pineapple juices with a tangy taste. It is best for the beginners who have just started vaping and want something light to go with. Similarly, if you want something lesser fruity than this one, then really berry can fulfill all your expectations. It has a lemony and pomegranate taste that feels less fruity and more candy-like. Let us emphasize that the reason to share these aspects of CBD vapes is to educate the passionate vapers about the tons of less harmful vaping flavors they are missing out on.


A long list of vape juices for the vaping lovers, these vapes have low drug content and higher fruit essence to not let you feel high even after continuous vaping.


  • Low THC content
  • Variety of vape juices
  • Less harmful
  • Doesn’t get you high


It may not suit people allergic to certain fruits.

CBD Topicals

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CBD topical works wonder at treating skin problems like redness, itchiness, or even the dry and flaky patches on the skin. They are easy to use, all you have to do is just to apply the topical cream or lotion on the hurting area, and let it absorb. For athletes, it is no less than a godsend because you don’t have to take pain killers anymore. Pain killers may lead you to a positive drug test, but since CBD topical products have a lesser THC amount, it becomes unnoticeable in the bloodstream. They don’t cause oiliness and have a faster working rate.

To cut the chase, CBD Life introduces topical products in three aspects, gel, inflammation creams, and moisturizing lotions. Primarily, the gel products are the best when you want a topical with a cooling effect. They have a rolling-ball option that makes it easier to use and in summers, the menthol vibes can be a deal. For the people who have sensitive skin, we won’t suggest them to go with menthol products and they can avail the other two options. As for the scent, they have the most distinguishing menthol smell.

Secondly, if you suffer from arthritis or back pain, that just won’t go away, this is the high time that you switch to CBD topical creams. They are light on the skin and if you are suffering from the blemishes on the face, their blemish cream can’t sort it out for you. It sits lightly on the skin and just a small amount would go a long way. The most wonderful thing is that it doesn’t clog the pores like the other store-bought products and you can have healthier skin in a short time.


CBD Life topical products can be used to treat muscle inflammation, arthritis, blemishes, or skin dryness. For the different skin types, the company has ensured that the topical comes in all three lotions, cream, and gel form so that they can cater to larger skin problems. 


  • Available in three consistencies
  • Quick results
  • Best for the athletes
  • Lesser THC content



CBD Edibles

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Patients who often seek marijuana to deal with their pain go for the CBD edibles. It is because these edibles have a high percentage of cannabinoids that comes from the marijuana plant and helps in lowering the stress and pain on so many levels. The biggest factor is that despite having such a strong drug component inside, they are safe to use and can aid the patients in overcoming their cravings as well. This category also includes gummies that are full of energy and depict no gluten or THC.

If you stress out easily, there are numerous CBD edibles that you can just put in your mouth and chew to release all the in-built tension. Similarly, people who are passionate about their gym routine go through the same muscle stiffness that may act as an obstacle during the daily workouts. The company has many edibles that have a lighter amount of cannabidiol so that they don’t mess with the other supplement intake. This is an era where both genders are in a race to get glowing skin and that’s why these edibles are a must-have that you cannot afford to miss out on.

For the insomniacs who have stopped trying for a peaceful sleep after using hundreds of prescriptions, we have the most natural option for you. There is a complete range for the sleep-deprived people who can avail the maximum out of these edibles. The interesting fact is they have the least amount of drug content while the major ingredients are grape juice or even turmeric. If you are conscious about your diet but have nothing to satisfy the sweet tooth, you may consider checking out their dark chocolate edible range.


The edibles are apt for the insomniacs, gym enthusiasts, and for the people who are thinking of switching to a healthier and more active lifestyle.


  • Deals with several issues
  • Good for the work-out lovers
  • Ideal for the fitness freaks
  • Doesn’t interfere with supplement intake


You may not get these edibles without a valid medical prescription.

CBD Dabs

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CBD dabs have become one of the trendiest aspects of millennial culture. To consume the CBD Life dabs, you have got two options. One is to go for a dab pen, and place the dab extract on it, wait for a while till the heating mechanism coverts it into vapors, you may go ahead with putting the pen inside your mouth to inhale the vapors directly. Secondly, you can go for a lengthier process and use a handheld blowtorch to heat the CBD Life extract. This does need you to go for a dome to prevent the vapors from escaping while inhaling the dab.

The best aspect of CBD Life products is that they let you consume the cannabis drug without getting too high or causing harm to your body. Through dabbing, you may not have to go for conventional tools since it is a more modern and cleaner approach. These dabbing extracts are free from the additives, toxic chemicals, and don’t get you too high in comparison to the old methods of smoking dabs. Other than this, this extract is also capable of entering the bloodstream at a much faster rate.

We know that you might be confused between dabbing and vaping the CBD Life extracts. Vaping comes with so many flavors that you don’t get to taste the true cannabis extract. Through dabbing, the flavors are reduced to a minimum so that you have the opportunity to inhale the most authentic dabbing vapors. People who suffer from depression, anxiety, or sleeplessness, dabbing can be a potential non-medical form as a cure.


Dabbing is less harmful, and a more modernistic way to satiate the cannabis cravings.


  • Less THC
  • More modern
  • Dual usage
  • Faster than cannabis tablets


Wrong dosages may result in long-term consequences.

How To Find The Best CBD Life Products?

When a company is as diverse as CBD Life is, sometimes it may become mind-boggling to find yourself the best product from such unlimited options. Let us simplify it for you

1) Product type:

First, you have to decide which product type you want to go with. Suppose, you want to try out CBD topical, now you may come across three choices. If you have sensitive skin, we won’t suggest the gel consistency. Since it can cause further damage to the acne-prone skin. So you may go for the plain topical lotions. In the same way, if you want a more natural cure, opt for the oiling method. Otherwise, capsules also work fine for quicker results.

2) Lab reports:

The lab reports are mandatory. If you don’t know them already, let us tell you that you are missing out on a big aspect of your investment. Lab reports are there to tell you what exactly the product contains with all the relative proportions. This lets you discover those products which suit your metabolism and it becomes easier to filter out the right options. You can find them on any brand’s website. If you don’t see any such stuff, we won’t recommend you make any purchase. This could be an exploitation of your bucks.

3) Hemp quality:

Hemp is one of the most important factors of any cannabidiol product. We would strongly advise that you go for thorough research before experimenting with any such drug on yourself. You may go for the aspects like where was the hemp grown? The backstory of the manufacturing company, what sort of hemp did they use, and in what proportion. We know this sounds tiring but most of these details are already present on the product’s description leaflet.


Hence CBD Life products have infinite features. The huge advantage of this is that they try their best to cater to everyone’s needs. For instance, if you have sensitive skin and can’t resort to just any CBD Life skin product, then they have a separate range for you. One reason that they have such a big consumer rate is that they ensure their products are non-toxic. They never add any sort of chemical that might cause an irreversible reaction. Likewise, they have vegan and gluten-free products that increase the versatility of multifold.

For smokers and vapers, they have come forward with the most innovative range. Their dabs and vapes have the lowest amount of THC. It cancels out all the risks that may get you too “high”. They have a large collection of flavors to satiate the desire to try the new vape taste every day. The low drug ratio and a greater fruit essence proportion result in keeping a balance between a balanced lifestyle and the urge to smoke. CBD Life has been a pioneer in introducing the more modernistic version of the dabbing practice.

In addition to all this, these products are peerless at answering all your skin and underlying illnesses. With them, it has now become possible to have that glowing skin, which has been everyone’s dream up till now. If your daily life chores tire you out, you may try adding their supplements to your diet to get a full energy boost. Their oils with the healing properties let you start the new day with the muscles more relaxed than ever. Irrespective of which field of life you belong to, CBD Life has got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is garden of life CBD oil any good?

Yes, the company has kept the purity of the plant intact by keeping a tight grip on the additives. So this oil is pretty effective.

2) What do I need to know before buying their products?

You may go for the ingredients, THC ratio, and the spectrum details before making any purchase.

3) Does CBD help anxiety?

Yes, their oils are pretty good at sorting out issues like anxiety and depressing mood.

4) Do these products have high THC?

No, that’s why this company products don’t give you that “high” feeling. They keep the THC low in their products.

5) How can I know if the product is real?

The easiest way is to jump to the THC ratio table to judge the authenticity of the product.

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