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Just CBD Review: Oil, Edibles, Topicals and Coupon Code

Just CBD ranks as one of the most trust-worthy CBD brands despite being the youngest one in the market as it made it’s debut in 2017. The skyrocketing fame of the company is because of numerous reasons. Primarily, it is because of the organic quality hemp that originates from European lands. They are the birthplace of the most authentic cannabis extract.

This hemp then passes through tons of tests and experiments to ensure that it fits perfectly with your regular prescription and doesn’t cause any side effects. All this evidence you can find on their official website as well.

Secondly, it is their innovations that caught our eye at the first sight. For instance, they are the first ones to add honey with cannabidiol oil when other companies didn’t give it an attempt to add sugar with marijuana essence. This not only increases the taste of their cannabidiol products but also promotes a better nutrition chart.

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Similarly, the company stepped forward to introduce pet products with CBD in them which was pretty rare at the time. This marketing strategy of keeping their product list updated sets them apart from the rest of the competitors.

Thirdly, the versatility of the products is unprecedented. You may use the oils if you have had enough with the body pain or muscle inflammation. For the people who are into sports and are at a greater risk of encountering injuries, Just CBD’s tropical is a must-have, they are also good at making your skin look more glowing and hydrated.

They have brought back the old gummy bears but this time they have tons of nutritious elements to make your sedentary lifestyle healthier than ever…

All these benefits are just a drop in the bucket, we have got all their top-notched products along with their thorough elaborations. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Just CBD Products


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Just CBD always ensures that you get the top tier quality of the cannabidiol oil and that’s what makes their CBD oil so distinctive. Let’s start with the innovation they have come across that sets them apart from the other market competitors. It is the addition of honey, yes, up till now the manufacturers never preferred the inclusion of honey in the CBD oil as they both belonged to different classes.

The tons of positive reviews of how honey alleviates the flavor chart and increases the nutritious portion show the massive success this notion has brought. Cannabidiol along with the natural benefits of pure honey is surely a deal you cannot afford to miss out on.

The company does have CBD tinctures which you can use following the conventional methods. These tinctures are available in an exquisite range and flavors across the globe. If you don’t want to go with higher doses, they also have the lower ones in the form of daily dose hemp seed oil which is beneficial especially for the beginners.

For individuals who don’t like the droppers that accompany the product bottle, Just CBD has offered an alternative way for them. Instead of the dropper, all you have to do is just to squeeze the bottle which will provide you with a drop enough for a daily dose.

These oils work great to cope with conditions like inflammation, muscle pain, anxiety, or depression. If you suffer from tensed muscles after a prolonged activity period, these oils can give you immediate relief. They may take almost 45 minutes to work but their results are long-term. An interesting aspect is that they don’t mess with your regular medications. They do serve as a good addition to a healthier lifestyle.


Just CBD oils are good for muscle spasm, anxiety, and panic attacks, and post-workout stress.


  • Contains honey
  • Quick results
  • No need for droppers
  • Treats inflammation



CBD Edibles

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Before we delve into the elaborations, let us explain why we chose to put edibles second on the list. The fact is that Just CBD presents you with the largest range of edibles than you have ever imagined. It is the first company that has got edibles in such an extensive variety with a plethora of colors, essence, shapes, and flavors. This is worthy of all the hype and deserves to be described thoroughly.

Primarily, as we mentioned above, honey does seem to be their favorite ingredient. That’s because just like the oils, edibles also depict a good proportion of this natural sweetener. This doesn’t end here. To take it to the next step, they have just introduced an edible range in the form of CBD honey sticks. They also have 10 mg of cannabis extract but the reason to make keep honey on the top is to boost your sugar level for the whole day. No matter you are at home or work, you won’t run out of your energy anymore.

We understand that there are people who don’t like honey or are allergic to it. In such a scenario, we recommend that you check out their dry fruit essence edibles. These are available in hundreds of flavors. You may find one that carries your favorite fruit extract and pairs with the cannabidiol trace to take care of both your health and taste buds. Apart from this, you can find all these options in the different ranges starting from 250 mg to 3000 mg of cannabis. The flavors may include apple, kiwi, papaya, and other tropical flavors.

Coming to the gummies, the company goes with old gummy bears we have had in our childhood. This time they include CBD that divides them into two categories, the clear gummy bears have a sweet taste while the sour ones taste bitter and have tangy vibes. Similarly, the Just CBD gummies also come as gummy ribbons that contain a big amount of antioxidants. They also give you a chance to add the nutrients like magnesium, vitamin c, and potassium in your diet through the healthiest sources.


The edibles include honey sticks, gummies, and other products which can fulfill the nutrition deficiency and help you defeat procrastination for a more active life.


  • Available in many flavors
  • Honey sticks
  • Extensive gummy range
  • Light on stomach


They have a different CBD proportion, you may need to consult your diet expert before opting for one.

CBD Vape Products

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When so many vape products are present in the market, why should you go for Just CBD vapes? That’s why we are here to sort out this query. One aspect that you may only find in their vape products is that they all have strains of marijuana in them. They don’t add such a heavy amount of secondary ingredients which otherwise cancel out that specific marijuana taste. If you prefer vintage taste in vape products, their vapes are a must-have. They remind you of the decade’s old charm of marijuana.

What attracted our eyes, at first sight, was the names of their products. Instead of following the conventional ones, they come as a blue dream, pineapple express, and cinnamon sugar cookies. The low THC means that you can have the best vaping experience without getting too high or feeling drowsy.

Their vapes also help in reducing the intensity of the anxiety attacks. In addition, for beginners who want to start with a more organic option, you are in the right place. This is very rare to find such products that taste so authentic and still have low drug content.

This is probably the first time that a company is giving all the information about the ingredients, their effects, their nutritional importance, and the hazards on the product packaging. They have used the simplest language. People who are laymen to this discussion can have the least difficulty in finding the right vape for themselves.

Note that, we don’t mean the right choice only in terms of the taste but your requirements as well. For instance, the packaging of the blue dream says that with a fruity taste, it is better for the relaxation and cerebral afterglow. It may help in soothing the muscles in the people who are more prone to panic attacks.


Vape products help to let the vapers choose a lesser harmful option, the cannabis extract ranges from 1000 to 3000 mg and works in calming the tired mind and strained muscles.


  • Vintage taste
  • Marijuana strains
  • Low THC
  • Good for beginners


Adjusting the nicotine strength may confuse.

CBD Infused Topical

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Topical is one of the best Just CBD products to do away with all the body pain that seems to resist every medication you consume. If you are always suffering from back, lower body, or shoulder pain, cannabidiol topical can sort it out for you naturally. They also come handy to treat chronic pains in conditions like arthritis or muscle inflammation.

For the athletes, who are more prone to the injuries but fear taking regular medication which may cause hurdle in the dope test, the cannabidiol creams are always the savior. It is the most premium alternative to traditional medicine and you may apply it directly to the affected area.

Keeping aside the major cannabis extract, these creams also have coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and Aloe Vera. They are completely organic and pesticide-free. All these components combine to heal the never-ceasing pain and put an end to the miserable life.

You don’t have to fear yoga classes or cardio workouts anymore when you make them a permanent part of your regime. Another impressive addition is these topical creams and moisturizers don’t have any metals or toxic chemicals. So people with sensitivity can go with them without any qualms.

These topical are available in two strengths, 100 and 250mg. Let’s talk about the ones who don’t like using creams or sticky moisturizers, the company ensures to cater to the desires of a larger proportion and that’s why they have introduced roll-ons in their topical range. These roll-ons come in different essence, scents, and sizes so that no matter wherever you go, they have got your back. This is the reason that most of the travelers also prefer Just CBD products as they are more travel-friendly, leakage proof, and highly portable.


Topical is a great way to minimize joint pain, muscle inflammation, and athletic injuries.


  • Creams, lotions, and roll-ons
  • Large scent variety
  • Contains organic hemp
  • 100 and 250mg strengths



CBD Pet Products

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Just CBD is considered to be the pioneer of coming up with pet products having CBD as the supreme ingredient. The surprising element is that even in their pet collection they have introduced various flavors. If you are a cat lover, they have tinctures in salmon and tuna flavors, so that your animal would love it as a treat.

For dogs, the tinctures are available in bacon and beef flavors to satisfy the meat-loving taste buds. Since animals have a distinguished tendency towards cannabis strength that is why all these products are available in 100, 250, and 500 mg sizes.

The company emphasizes that before going for any product, it is better that you consult the vet. As the cannabis potency depends on the condition you want to address. Excessive amounts may result in harming the sensitive digestive system of the animals or cause irreversible damage.

Let us tell you beforehand that your pet may not appreciate the inclusion of these tinctures even if you mix them in the food. If that is the case with your pet, you may choose the tincture-infused pet products by Just CBD so that you won’t have to compromise on your pet’s healthy diet.

The low THC content also keeps the drowsiness or drug-induced reactions at bay.


You may add the CBD tinctures in your animal’s food to not let them miss out on a nutritious and healthy diet.


  • Best for pets
  • Separate flavors for cats and dogs
  • Available as tinctures
  • CBD-infused pet food


A little carelessness in deciding the right cannabidiol strength may cause hazardous consequences.

CBD Bath Bombs And Soap

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Nothing soothes the tired muscles like a long warm bath and that’s why Just CBD bath bombs and soaps never fail to give you other-worldly vibes. They make you feel relax and rejuvenate the skin that has been constant victim to outside’s dust and pollution. Just CBD soaps have organic hemp oil inside that brings back the lost glow of your skin and removes all the clogged pores.

For those people who always fantasize about luxurious baths, the Just CBD bath range is no less than a godsend. Their soaps are available in 4 different scents while bath bombs come in 6 different varieties.

Let us tell you more about the secondary ingredients. Components like corn starch, Epsom salt, and essential oils fight all the bacteria and make you smell fresh for a longer span. In summers, when you have to encounter blazing heat along with the sweat, their products deserve to be on the bath essential list.

If you go for their high-end soaps, you’ll read on the packaging that how in addition to the CBD oil, they also add olive, coconut, and mustard oil. So, you have the most natural answer to all skin problems. The specialty about their soaps is that unlike the market ones, they don’t leave those dry patches on your skin, instead your skin feels more moisturized and smoother.


Soaps and bath bombs can be a good way to let your skin breathe and do away with all the sticky dust and pollutants.


  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Several varieties of bath bombs
  • Soaps with CBD extracts
  • No adverse reactions



How To Buy The Best Just CBD Products?

When a company has got a never-ending list of products, it’s sure to boggle one’s mind. Let us share with you the main aspects that you may find convenient while making a purchase.

1) Lab evidence:

Lab evidence is very important to know whether the products are authentic or not. You may have seen giant names in the market but when it comes to the lab reports, their official sites show empty slots. This isn’t the case with Just CBD. They publish all the reports, each evidence with proper care, and ensure that they are in a simplified language.

Another understated fact about these reports is that you may use the stats to find out which product would suit your skin type. Since they show all the ingredients in the correct proportion, it is easier for you to find a product that doesn’t have any allergen.

2) Allergies:

This takes us to our second point which is the allergies. This is common to see clients complaining about a product that gave them a reaction. Let us burst this bubble for you. Mainly it is because of this minor reason that you didn’t read the ingredient list cautiously in the first place.

It is crucial to know your allergies and avoid the products containing those allergens. Otherwise, no matter how much good of a product it seems on other people’s skin, it won’t do the same for you. The example of honey is also relevant to our context. Honey is rich with nutrients, but for those who are allergic to it, it may cause more damage than good.

3) Faster mechanism:

Cannabis products work naturally to heal the sore parts and that’s why they may take a longer time. It is justified because they also compensate for this delay with the long-term results. We strongly recommend that if you want a quick recovery, you may go for the cannabidiol oils since they take around 45 minutes.

It doesn’t mean that topicals are any lesser, but they are slower as you don’t ingest them. But apply on your skin so they have to cross multiple layers to get mixed up in the bloodstream. Cannabis products usually have a similar mechanism but their working spans differ, to let you choose the finest one.


Hence, Just CBD products are worthy of each bit of this hype since they do work as per customer’s expectations. Their products have impressive longevity, and since they have organic hemp extracts, they don’t cause any adverse effects. The fact that the company acknowledges all the skin types are commendable and a rare thing in the cannabidiol brands is. Their oils have a quick mechanism, don’t intertwine with the other medications. And their neutral nature keeps the reactions at bay.

Coming to the gummies, the manufacturer makes a tiny attempt to bring back the old school gummy bears which take us back to the childhood days. The modernization via the introduction of hundreds of vital nutrients makes them more productive than ever. They are capable of transforming your daily routine and make you better at work as well.

These gummies don’t only make you feel well but also work on your skin to make it shinier, brighter, and more hydrated. The best thing is that you get all these benefits without opting for the costly cosmetic products that cause more harm than good.

Just CBD guarantees to cover your life from all the aspects and that’s why their pet products are just indispensable. They keep a check on your pet’s health, hygiene, and upkeep so that you can have the best time of your life with them. You may also skim through their soaps and cleansing items. They sit perfectly on the skin and remove all the pollutants that are behind the dark patches.

If you are fed up with the uneven skin tone, their herbal soaps having the cannabidiol as primary components are matchless. In the same way, the point that they print the tiniest of the details on the packaging so that beginners can make a wiser decision is unparalleled.

Just CBD surpasses all the borders like skin types, allergies, age, or gender and guarantees its customers a healthy lifestyle which up till now has been merely a dream.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is It safe?

Yes, it is recommended by the experts and enjoy good recognition across the globe.

2) Will It show on a drug test?

There are varieties of different products, for a dope test, products with low THC may help.

3) Does Just CBD have hemp oil?

Yes, the cannabis proportion may vary, but each one of them consists of traces of organic hemp extracts.

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